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Care Fitness jest jedną z wiodących marek fitness na świecie i numerem jeden we Francji.

W ofercie marki Cary Fitness są rowery treningowe pionowe oraz poziome (magnetyczne, elektromagnetyczne, indukcyjne, generatory, ergometry), trenażery eliptyczne z napędem tylnym i przednim (magnetyczne, elektromagnetyczne, indukcyjne, generatory, ergometry), bieżnie elektryczne, trenażery wioślarskie, platformy wibracyjne, steppery oraz wszelkiego rodzaju akcesoria fitness. Produkty Cary Fitness są zaprojektowane do użytku domowego jak też rehabilitacji i zastosowań profesjonalnych i półprofesjonalnych.

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HISTORY: 40 years of experience have placed CARE among the leaders in the fitness industry.
From the creation to the certification of its products, fromthe telephone hotline to the after sale service, CARE guarantees an optimal client satisfaction by an active presence at all levels, both industrial and commercial. CARE is a committed company which develops its experience with an unique professional background. Whereas fitness equipment has now entered private homes, at the beginning their use was reserved to professional areas.When the founder of the company created the first indoor bike, the bike was mainly used by physiotherapists. Its medical use made it an essential tool in re-education. But very fast, the patients adopted the bike so much that they wanted to continue the training at home. From a medical necessity came a fancy for physical training. And the bike then became related to fitness and well-being. An experience that guarantees that CARE provides industrial qualitative products validated by the professional expertise of the medical world with which it still collaborates today.

CARE FITNESS is a leading global brand of fitness. CARE is number one in France. CARE designs and manufactures fitness bikes (manual , motorized, ergometers, electromagnetic, generator, recumbent, spinning ), elliptical trainers ( motorized, manual, electromagnetic, ergometers and crosstrainers), treadmills (manual, motorized), rowing machines (latin type, scandinavian type, paddlers and rowers air center pull), vibrating platforms (fitness plates, oscillating platforms and inclined platforms), benches (abdominal boards, weight machines), presses, steppers and a variety of fitness accessories. CARE FITNESS products are designed for home fitness, rehabilitation, fitness, semi professional and all kinds of small fitness institutions. CARE FITNESS products are sold under various brands: CARE, MEDICARE, Intensive Line, Bodycare, STRIALE and ACTOR.
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